Why pay an “area” when what you want are solitude, secret fresh powder stashes and the skills to get yours safely? Blaze your own trail with Trail Blaser Guides!

TBG serves clients who want a great back country skiing and riding experience, avalanche safety education and the rowdiest lines… with NO I-70!!! TBG takes you to the best uncharted terrain, guided by a local who knows the access, topo, slope, aspect, snow consistency and local meteorology that will keep you smiling and safe.

GoPro multimedia packages, GPS tracking for bragging rights, photos, video, transportation, avalanche beacons, probes, shovels and other back country gear, lodging and meals also available.

TBG South Park Ranger District permit is on hold pending review of 2016/17 winter use capacity, but 1st come, 1st serve access to skiing and riding on our private land owner partner property near mosquito pass is available this season! Trail Blaser Guides has just partnered with a Gulmarg, India based guide service. Customers that book a tour by 3/31/2017 will receive 10% off backcountry skiing through Himalayan Edges (http://himalayanedges.com) by mentioning Trail Blaser Guides! Call 303-994-3709 for more details. Enter your PayPal account information below to receive info:

Please follow up with a phone call to 303-994-3709 to confirm details and schedule.

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