Tired of going to resorts to ski? Well we are! Why would you pay a ski “area” when what you want are solitude, fresh powder and the skills to get yours safely?

Not prone to idly standing by and lamenting, Trail Blaser Guides (TBG) was established 2/10/2014 and is currently being considered for several Special Use Temporary Permits for Outfitting and Guiding! Please drop the USFS a line and echo your support (just kidding.. don’t do that – they are busy approving our permit).

TBG’s area of operation, which boasts some of the most amazing and challenging high country skiing and riding terrain in the North American Rocky Mountains, is less than 2 hours west of Denver.

Please help us get the word out by liking our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/brian.blaser.guide). We are working with local partners for sponsors and other advertising and outreach efforts from our partners at BCA, G3, SCARPA, DPS, AMGA, AIARE, NOLS, CAIC and/or other ski guiding gear, certification bodies and avalanche hazard forecasting communities.

TBG has approached, and is currently pursuing a partnership with, Silverton Mountain, Colorado Mountain School, Colorado Snowboard Guides, Colorado Adventure Guides and others with whom we hope to share a “leap-frog” incentive program. Book a day here and get a discount there (and vice versa) or simply combine coop tours to expand trips into more zones and provide larger terrain and duration offerings to our clients.

In the long term, we plan to build our web presence optimize our web search engine (SEO) footprint, send designated marketing person(s) to trade shows and other ski business marketing events (looking for work?) to continue the initial TBG marketing campaigns and promotions, perhaps at some point even adding season pass and other offerings for which we will certainly need to adjust our operating plan and hire more guide staff and plan more frequent trips to match demand.

TBG is confident that there is a large untapped market up here and therefore a sizable demand for a guide service like this so close to the Front Range with all the unique skiing terrain we hope to access to say nothing of the fact that TBG is NOT along the I-70 corridor.

But precisely because of its easy access from Denver (particularly south Denver) involving a less crowded and more scenic US-285 (rather than a stressful, harrowing, gridlocked I-70) drive to get pristine turns, TBG believes the “Ski South Park” moniker will, more or less, sell itself. Therefore TBG may not need to have an ambitions and ongoing marketing plan long-term. And if we find that we need to expand to the (shall we say) “chill” skier, perhaps something more along the lines of “South Park Powder Cats” will be an appealing motto.

Presuming working this into the 10-year Operating Plan is possible and agreeable to the SPRD, it will be relatively to appeal the clientele who are less inclined to earn their turns. But more on the logistical details of this will type of operation shall be vetted in latter phases of operation.

Getting stoked? TBG is! Stand by for more details and please don’t forget to like our Facebook page at the link above! If you have questions, are potentially interested in being a part of our team as a guide or in some other capacity (or just to say hi), please use the following to contact us today!

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